Murchison Holdings Ltd

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Murchison Holdings Limited is at the forefront of technological breakthroughs investing in diversified projects ranging from digital communication to alternative fuels.


Murchison Holdings is involved in a number of large scale developments, is a provider of highly advanced, cutting edge technology, is engaged in a wide rage of activities for the problems of tomorrow and can develop, source and deploy your products for distribution in the marketplace.


It is because of these wide and diverse interests and projects that we are split into separate entities, Murchison International Ltd. and Quest Investments Ltd. operate under the Murchison Holdings banner, as do their subsidiaries. Through this structure each branch can operate and control its own projects while strengthening the others, allowing Murchison Holdings to develop in a massive array of technologies.


Achieving approximately AUD$6 million in revenue, Murchison works with European, Asian, Australian, and North American investors and clients. Murchison is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Code: MCH), along with the investment arm Quest Investments Limited (ASX Code: QST).


Murchison Subsidies

Quest Investments Ltd - Quest Investments Limited engages in Stock Trading through Quest Stockbrokers Ltd, and direct investment activities into a number of companies. Stocks are covered in Hong Kong, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.


It also incorporates Quest Telecom Ltd, currently developing and supplying advanced VoIP systems to both the commercial market and as a OEM to telecommunication companies the whole world over.

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Murchison International Ltd - Murchison International Limited is currently involved in the development of a very large complex in Chongqing, constructing a number of residential, industrial and commercial areas.


Murchison International is also at the forefront of information and communication technology through the development and deployment of its DiTV solution, the future of communication.


The sourcing department works through Murchison International, utilising our position within the Asia-Pacific region to source products for highly specialised clients.


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