Murchison International Ltd

The forefront of technological development

Murchison International is the head of many divisions among the Murchison Holdings organisations, ranging from the large development complex in Chongqing to the development and deployment of DiTV, the production of advanced devices and technology through DICE, and sourcing products.

Activities/Projects of Murchison International Ltd are listed below


Developing advanced information and content delivery systems

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. This roughly translates to television delivered through your broadband connection at a faster rate and higher quality than currently available. Our own IPTV solution, called Digital Interactive Television(DiTV), is unique as it integrates on-demand video and radio with a number of other interactive features such as the internet, VoIP, and Videoconferencing.

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Producing tomorrow's technological advancements for today's market

DICE multi-media manufactures ODM Consumer Electronic products imparting the most sophisticated cordless digital phones, WiFi, mobile, and video phones, MP3 and MP4 personal entertainment devices, and network computers. Murchison International Ltd. holds the worldwide rights to distribute DiTV and DiCE products.

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