Quest Investments Ltd

The head of financial investing and project development

Quest Investments Limited engages in Stock Trading, and Direct Investment activities. Stocks are covered in Hong Kong, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Quest International also incorporates the development of technologies and solutions for the modern world, using its financial power to finance the advancement of a wide variety of projects.

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Subsidiaries of Quest Investments Ltd are listed below

Quest Stockbrokers Ltd

Investing for the future

Quest Stockbrokers Ltd is the investment arm of Quest Investments Ltd, focusing on markets throughout the world. Quest Stockbrokers utilises years of experience in the financial sector to successfully trade and invest stocks and shares.


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Quest Telecom (Ltd) QTL

Developing VoIP to break down the walls of communication

Quest Telecom Limited (QTL) forms a telecommunications hub with a developed back-end support offering an array of VoIP fixed and mobile telecom equipment to access user locations worldwide. QTL boasts the latest 2.4GHz digital wireless and 5.8GHz cordless digital phone technology, and is currently finalizing partners for the VoIP roll-out in Europe, Australia, and Malaysia.


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Link Services Technology Ltd (LST)

Providing the support for our VoIP network

Link Services Technology Limited (LST) provides synergy to the Quest Telecom VoIP platform with research & development and a fully-integrated front and back-end systems support for the Next Generation Network (NGN) telecommunications services. LST provides an integral service for QTL in the development and deployment of the VoIP platform.


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